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Life Skills

Why are Life Skills important?

At Rivendell FHA, we believe it is important to support our children with the right life skills to navigate uncertain and difficult situations they may be faced with. That is why in upper KS2, pupils take part in the Life Skills DART programme to help equip them with the right knowledge and understanding relevant to them. 


Our responsibility?

Drug and substance misuse by young people in the UK costs around £28 Million each year. Statistics show that 11% of young people have tried drugs at some point and we know that regular abuse can start with the casual use of ‘soft drugs’. We believe it is our responsibility to recognise the potential risk and aim to educate our pupils at Rivendell within our curriculum. 


At what age do pupils learn the rogramme?

The Life Skills Education primary programme is delivered to year 5 and 6 students and is the refreshed and updated version of our successfully delivered and evaluated DARE Primary programme. (Nottingham University evaluation can be found here.)

The programme equips young people with a range of knowledge and skills which they can use as the transition to secondary and beyond.

All resources and content materials are age appropriate. 

More information about the Life Skills Programme can be found here:

Drugs, Alcohol and Resilience Training - Life Skills Education Charity



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