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The school will open to pupils in September 2022. Admissions will be managed by the Nottinghamshire Local Authority and parents and carers interested in a place at the school can register to apply via:


Admissions for a September 2022 start will open for applications on 9 November 2021 and close for admissions on 15 January 2022. Families can still apply for places by calling the Local Authority on 0300 500 80 80, for all year groups, subject to the availability of places.


Applications for reception places at this school for pupils who live in Nottinghamshire should be made online at or by telephone on 0300 500 8080. For pupils who live outside Nottinghamshire applications should be made via the home Local Authority. For applications to all other year groups, parents should contact Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80.    


Below is a link with further information along with the full Admissions Policy and over-subscription criteria for the school. 

Rivendell Flying High Academy admission arrangements for 2022


If you have any questions do of course contact us on 

Nursery Application process 


Our nursery will run from 7.30am - 6pm. 

Please see below nursery application guidance, application form and over subscription criteria.

Application guidance

Application Form

Over subscription criteria

If you have any queries when completing the application form please email - 

Once completed your application form please return your form to 


Wrap around Care/ Extended School Provision..

We will offer a Wrap around Care provision for all pupils in the school, including Nursery which will run from 7.30am – 8.45am (the start of the school day) and from 3.15pm until 6pm.​


​The cost of this will be £4.50 for the morning session and £8.00 for the after school session. 


For further details please email:

Flying High Partnership

The Flying High Trust is a partnership of schools across Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City and Derbyshire. Schools work together to ensure we are relentless in ensuring our children receive the best possible opportunities and experiences. This is achieved through a true collaboration where all decisions centre on children and schools are empowered to adopt best practice, adapt it within the context of each school and fly!

Chris Wheatley -CEO - Flying High Trust

Hear from our CEO explaining what makes our Flying High Trust different.

We aim for our schools to be the best in the universe! 


By the end of their primary education we aim for all of our children to be ready for secondary school and be inspired to be the best they can be through our seven values. The values are fundamental to everything the Trust represents; they run through all elements of school improvement and are understood and owned by all members of the school community. Schools with their own clear USP linked to their values blend together the Trust values with those held so dear within each individual school. 


As a Trust Partnership our expectation is that all schools: 

  • Demonstrate a restlessness to continually improve, to never stand still, with the ultimate aim of providing the best opportunities and experiences for our children. 
  • Strive to ensure every child fulfils their potential regardless of potential barriers to learning. 
  • Commit to become an outstanding, self-improving school and to support the profession and development of all schools within the partnership. 
  • Commit to a school-led system. 
  • Commit to the values, principles, policies and procedures of the Trust. 
  • To ultimately strive to be the best school in the Universe. 


In our schools you will see we work together to: 

  • Ensure schools feel connected to the Trust whilst maintaining their unique qualities, character and relationship with their community. 
  • Ensure high quality teaching and learning. 
  • Engage with our families and wider communities to raise aspiration for all. 
  • Develop the whole child and create inquisitive learners. 
  • Enable all children to be confident, building on strengths and improving in areas of need. 
  • Enable children to understand the part they play in the world in the future - as a positive citizen and a driver of business and enterprise. 
  • Support the development of all staff to be the best they can be and to realise their career potential.