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Pupil Well-being

We believe our children come first. They need to be safe and happy. All our members of school staff are committed to providing the best possible learning environment for our pupils. 


Our staff are trained to use a restorative and relationship-repairing approach to support pupil behaviour. Emotion coaching plays a key role in ensuring our staff respond in a positive, professional and proactive way. Ensuring our children are heard and supported with their needs also helps to ensure their mental health is a priority. 


Mental health promotion involves creating and enhancing environments that support the development of positive mental health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. Research shows that  developing positive mental health and wellbeing is most effective when it takes place early in a child or young person's' life.

There is much evidence that pupils learn more effectively, if they are happy in their work, believe in themselves, have good relationships with teachers. A key component for wellbeing to be developed is that children feel safe at school, that school is supporting them and that they belong. 


Here are a few websites that support pupil wellbeing:


Supporting young people to belong at school to increase wellbeing (




Mental Health Wellbeing Toolkit (

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