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Kids Zone E-safety

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew - a cartoon from Childnet to help illustrate the 5 internet safety SMART rules.


Uploaded by NSPCC on 2017-04-11.

You are not alone. Online support and guidance for children

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Good (and bad) news travels fast online, and children can sometimes find themselves in tricky situations with lasting consequences. But what can they do to prevent this? The answer: understand how to share smartly with those they know – and those they don’t.

Every Word Matters

  • Treat online communication the same as face-to-face communication.
  • If it isn’t right to say, it isn’t right to post. If in doubt, get guidance on what kind of communication is (and isn’t) OK.
  • Personal details about family, friends – and yourself – should stay private.


Check out these KS2 eBooks to find out more:

Sharp- Be Internet Legends Pupil workbook – Primary Creative Curriculum (

Alert- Be Internet Legends Pupil workbooks – Primary Creative Curriculum (

Secure- Be Internet Legends Pupil books – Primary Creative Curriculum (

Kind – Be Internet Legends Pupil workbook – Primary Creative Curriculum (



You can also download the teacher and parent home book here:

Be Internet Legends- Sharp Teacher and Home School eBook – Primary Creative Curriculum ( 


Ages 3-7 Years: SMARTIE the Penguin

Smartie Penguin HD | Internet Safety Story for Early Years

Smartie The Penguin is a story by that explores various scenarios that a child may find themselves in when using a device, it repeats the message of telling an adult. Visit for lots of amazing free resources supporting children with using the internet safely.

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